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News from the Croatian Music Awards Porin

Similar to the much better known Grammy Awards, the Croatian music industry once a year honors outstanding artists with the Porin Awards. I was very happy to here that my friend and outstanding musician Joe Kaplowitz, together with the Croatian Radio and Television HRT Jazz Orchestra, won two awards (in the categories Best jazz album and Best jazz performance) for the album Organic Intelligence - even more so because I had the privilege of conducting the studio recording. Congratulations to everyone involved!

A look back at Harmonic Practices @YST Conservatory

After finishing my stint at YST Conservatory this semester, I feel like I have to give a big shout out to the staff there, who have supported me in every way possible (from my teaching colleagues to the technical and admin personnel) - and especially to the students, who have been extremely respectful, engaged and creative beyond my expectations. I really look forward to taking over more extensive duties at this exemplary institution from next semester onwards!

Music in the times of COVID-19: concert series  Third Space Sessions now streaming live

The concert series Third Space Sessions, hosted by the  performing arts company SAtheCollective, has been the Singaporean go-to spot for contemporary and improvised music for years. Like many cultural activities in these pandemic-stricken times, these concerts are now being regularly streamed online.

I am excited to be performing for this series on 17.4., especially because I'll be joined by my (much) better half and amazing flute player, Carolin Ralser. Here's the link to the stream - please check out the amazing musicians performing after us as well!

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